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Jocelyne has self-produced 2 short films and has a goal to produce 3 more short films along with 2 features!

The Full Story


Meet Jocelyne Cordero (Joe-Sell-lean Coh-deh-rro), a vibrant Latina with an unwavering determination to carve her own path in the world of storytelling. Jocelyne's journey is defined by her role as a self-starter, fueled by a desire to amplify the voices that often go unheard. Actor for 5 years, she ventures into the realm of filmmaking, leveraging the visual medium to share the untold stories that resonate within her community. Jocelyne's commitment to self-expression and cultural representation drives her every frame, as she fearlessly navigates the cinematic landscape, creating a space where her voice, and those of her fellow Latinas, can shine brightly. In a world that sometimes underplays the stories of minorities, Jocelyne Cordero emerges as a force to be reckoned with, a storyteller on a mission to empower, enlighten, and inspire change through the lens of her unique perspective.

Visit my GoFundMe page and donate for future projects!

Balanced Objects
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